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Andy A      3/10/2024
My wife and I have attended Midland Firearms Basic Pistol, Illinois Conceal Carry and Conceal Carry Renewal classes instructed by John Roth in the past 10 years. We have found him friendly but professional and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of teaching his students to be responsible gun owners. Hi classroom experiences are well organized, thoughtful and educational. They always generate many important discussions about gun ownership. A recommendation to attend John’s classes is easy to do.

Linda S.    3/4/2024
My husband and I recently completed a basic pistol course for concealed carry firearms. John Roth is the firearm instructor at Midland firearms. He is incredibly knowledgeable about firearms and the correct use of them, he was able to answer all of my questions thoroughly. He was engaging and kept the training session interesting and interactive, which made it easier for me to stay focused and learn. John was patient and took the time to explain concepts in a way that was easy to understand, even for those who were new to the handling of firearms . Being approachable and encouraging questions and discussion made the training feel like a collaborative learning experience. I would encourage anybody seeking firearm training to consider Midland Firearms Training.

Trevor H.   3/4/2024
This is my second time renewing my CC with John. He does a great job with the class he is thorough and knowledgeable about the law; the class atmosphere is great I will definitely be back.

Mary Ann H. 5/1/2022
Thank you for your excellent educational training instruction for the 16 hour Concealed Carry State Requirements.
Your program is very detailed and specific to all areas of gun ownership, responsibilities and use.
It is a good idea that gun owners take continued educational refresher classes to keep safety and regulations in mind.
Your instruction is equally important for new gun owners to have direct hands-on experience in your classes.

Steve K. 5/1/2022
My son Nick and I want to thank you for running a very thorough and yet entertaining CCL renewal and range qualification course. I also appreciate the grip tip you gave me. 
I was recommended to your CCL program through a friend and I’m glad he did. We also will be recommending you and your programs to friends.  

Earl B 4/8/2022
I have found the Midland Firearms Training program to be excellent. John Roth provides instruction consistent with all of the rules and regulations prescribed by the NRA and State of Illinois. I took the basic pistol and renewal classes with John and found him to be experienced and well informed. Having taught adults at the college level myself I can say that John has and displays all of the characteristics of one who knows and delivers his subject matter in a clear and meaningful manner. He is a competent teacher who encourages class participation and uses ample visual aids to make training more interesting and supportive.
I unhesitatingly recommend John Roth's classes that I consider to be without flaw.

Andres U 3/11/2022
I took my CCL renewal class with John Roth recently and was very pleased by it. His presentation was very precise, interactive and resourceful. Also, he ensured to provide a perspective on both sides of the coin for difficult scenarios and encounters which I did appreciate very much!! The shooting instructing was great as well.

DGK 3/10/2022 
Excellent class, practical examples, understandable language.
Appreciated the handout.
Instructor very knowledgeable.
Highly recommend.

Jefferson P. 2/21/2022
On 2/19/2022 & 2/20/2022 I was fortunate enough to participate In two wonderful classes for anyone who is interested in training to safely handle a firearm for the protection of self and family. One class was a basic pistol course and the other was to obtain a Conceal Carry Firearm Training Certificate.

I am an old school army veteran who had not owned or fired a firearm since the seventies. Initially I was apprehensive and told by some of my friends that this type of classroom training was basically a waste of time, however,  I’m here to testify they were entirely wrong.

I am pleased to extend kudos to the instructor John Roth,  for conducting an intense, interesting and entertaining training sessions and for being patient and willing to address all of my concerns regarding proper handling of a firearm. 

During these classes I gained a wealth of essential information to safely handle, maintain and fire a pistol,  a skill that I plan to enjoy and take full advantage of as a retiree with a new outlook and time to develop into a good marksman.

Once again “Thanks John”

Cary M. 5/6/2021
The Real Deal !
Instructor John Roth’s (Midland Firearms) class was very educational and a ton of fun.
One thing I liked about John is, he has the ability and personality to converse on any subject, not only firearms.
I’m in my mid 60’s, and honestly thought there wasn’t a handgun that I hadn’t heard of, until Midland’s conceal carry class. I was amazed, astounded, impressed, shocked, surprised I think you get the message.
John had handguns on display I had never seen or heard of. And when it came to the class No questions went unanswered ! Highly Recommended. 5 stars.

Michael S. 4/27/2021
I recently took both the Basic firearms class and the Illinois Concealed Carry course taught by John Roth. Being prior military it wasn't necessary to complete the basic course, however after speaking with John he suggested that I attend and I'm glad that I did. The basic course cost me nothing because of my military affiliation, but it was instrumental in my becoming qualified. John is an exceptional instructor, he has a true passion for what he does and possesses a thorough knowledge of firearms and safety. Both 8 hr courses went really well and the amount of information far exceeded my expectations. John Roth and Midland Firearms Training gets my recommendation as the location to complete your firearms training.

John C. 4/26/2021
I really enjoyed your class on Sunday . You were informative and enlightening . I’m inspired to get back to the range and gain confidence in using my guns. You are awesome and thanks again . I will encourage my wife to take the class !

Bert M 4/26/2021
I enjoyed your class very much. You are a highly skilled and experienced instructor. You presented the material in a way that was easy to understand and made everyone in the class feel comfortable and relaxed.
You are at the top of the scale when I compare you to the previous 16 hour training class I attended. Along with your excellent presentations your class provided a comfortable classroom in a beautiful facility and made everyone feel at home.
One of the highlights of your class was the fact that you provided everything the student needed including pistol and ammunition.
Most important of all I learned the value and necessity of practicing the skills learned in your class at the range on a regular basis.

John U. 3/21/2021 CCL Renewal Class
I took the CCL Renewal course taught by John Roth at Midland Firearms Training. The time flew by because I found the class to be very interesting and the information to be both relevant and useful. John is a wonderful natural teacher and holds a wealth of useful information. He easily held our attention and made the class enjoyable. I recommend John's class highly and I will definitely go back.

JanetD, Oct 2020

 I’ve had the pleasure of taking both the Basic Pistol class (which is technically part of the initial Conceal Carry course but I took it as a refresher course) and the CCW renewal course at Midland Firearms Training (initial CCL course was taken elsewhere). In my experience, John Roth at Midland offered a much more extensive hands on experience than my initial course did, which I found to be extremely valuable. The lecture and text book details were all discussed in great detail with class participation encouraged, and John has a way of engaging every person in his class in a comfortable manner. The selection of “real-life” video examples will really open your eyes, and make you think hard, probably re-think, your initial thoughts and/or assessments of the situations unfolding in the videos. John then dissects these real-life scenes, breaking them down for the class to openly discuss and learn from them. The firearm testing is also excellent and performed in a safe, comfortable manner.

We can all learn from reading and listening to lecture, however, what really sets John at Midland apart is the hands-on experience you will get and the level of proficiency and confidence that accompanies those hands-on experiences.

John is an excellent teacher, with extensive credentials and he stands behind his classes. I would not hesitate to take any class from him.

Steve G 9/23/20
If you are new to firearms or the idea of conceal and carry, please keep reading as we both have something in common. 

Prior to taking John’s class I, like many other current Illinois residents, were asking themselves how they ever came to the decision to learn about and potentially carry a firearm.  Midland Firearms training was one of many sites that came up during a search.  What caught my attention were the number of positive, genuine reviews that gave high marks to John’s classes.  After completing the two part CCL class I understand why. 

John has a wealth of experience, knowledge and uses an approach that makes anyone with little or no firearm knowledge comfortable in his class.  The decision to carry is not one that should be taken lightly, but with the proper training, perspective and information that John shares in class, you will be in a position to make an informed and educated decision that is right for you. 

If you have any hesitation about taking a class with John, don’t, you’ll receive valuable information about the proper use, storage and basic function of a variety of firearms.  What’s better is you’ll learn a whole new perspective on situational awareness and conflict avoidance which should be everyone’s primary goal in the first place. 

Congratulations John for conducting an excellent class and making a very complicated topic approachable.  Looking forward to taking additional classes in the future.

James C 9/22/20
Even an old Vietnam Combat Veteran can be trained in current, updated Concealed Cary Techniques and Regulations. I am happy that I chose to attend John's Course Sept. 19-20th.

As a retired Mechanical Instructor, I appreciated his Teaching Technique and presentation to an eclectic group of students ranging from experienced card holders to some that never held or fired a gun. John's patience and personal attention to the novices demonstrated his concern for his students. John succeeded in his mission. All students achieved qualification.

I feel I have met an true Guru and friend. Thank you Mr. Roth.

Fred F 7/26/20
I want to thank you very much for the Concealed Carry class that I recently had taken.

I am glad that I picked your training over all the others that are offered in the area.

Your class is more superior to others as you provide the pistols to us to qualify with and set us up with a shooting range. It was also a plus that we were able to see the different models of pistols and have your recommendations for choosing the right pistol for our needs.

It was a pleasure and a joy to attend your course and I will be looking forward to recertifying with you in the future.

Joe V 7/26/20
The Concealed Carry Training course at Midland is an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned shooters. Mr. Roth is both highly experienced and knowledgeable in various aspects of the firearms world and provided an abundance of information and hands-on training on a multitude of guns, ammunition, equipment, and local laws. Highly recommended.

Dr. Tony - July 1st 2020

As someone who was encouraged by family to consider a conceal to carry license, I went to class not particularly motivated but felt it was the right thing to do. I was trying to "check the box" so that I would be qualified to apply for the license. To my surprise, I found an instructor who took the teaching process very seriously. As a medical professional, I've been around instructors at many levels, but finding someone passionate about his profession is rare. Not only did he make sure every line of his presentations were understood, but when we took our final exam, he made sure those who missed questions individually expressed understanding before we went out for my shooting session.
It's hard enough to take an all day class no matter what the topic, but the combination of an engaged teacher, insightful videos, and his ability to get each of us to know each other made my license to carry class experience one I will always remember. His ability to drill in us the need to practice, practice and practice to develop muscle memory at times of crisis will forever stay with me as I grow in this area of my life. I give John and his training my highest recommendation.

Tim H. - June 29th 2020

I recently attended John's two day Conceal Carry Handgun class.  The class was extremely informative.  There are lots of hands on exercises.  John is very knowledgeable and his presentation style is entertaining and engaging.  It is a great class for a Beginner.  Initially, I had inquired about a different course that John offers.  John recommended that I attend this class.  I don't regret it for a second.  The two days flew by, and I learned way more than I could have ever imagined.  I would recommend John's class to everyone.  It is money well spent.  John is also helpful outside of the class once it ends.  He responds to any questions you have in a very timely fashion.

Helen M - June 28th 2020

The course for concealed carry was very informative. John was clear and concise. I had never shot a gun and he walks you through every step so you are fully aware of what to expect and what to do the correct way!

Diane P - June 22nd 2020

My husband and I recently attended the Basic Pistol Course necessary to obtain a concealed carry license offered by John Roth of Midland Firearms Training.  The class was exceptional and we could not have had a better experience.  After researching a number of different venues that offered the class, we selected Midland Firearms based on the experience level of Mr. Roth as well as his focus on safety.  Neither my husband nor I had any significant experience with firearms and no experience in shooting a firearm prior to attending the class.  John is an excellent instructor who was able to combine his wealth of experience and accomplishments with the required course material to make the learning process more informative and interactive. He is very clear in establishing the tremendous responsibility that accompanies concealed carry and provides the necessary tools to each of his students to become confident, knowledgeable and responsible firearms owners.  John offers a personalized approach to training by addressing each student’s individual concerns.  We both highly recommend Midland Firearms Training not only as a means to obtain a concealed carry permit but also for everyone who has ever considered owning a firearm.  John Roth is excellent and exceeded every expectation.    

 Thanks John, for giving me the training, confidence and ability to be a responsible firearm owner.


Fred S - June 13th, 2019 CCP Renewal Class
Midland Firearms does a wonderful job with the necessary training and supplying useful information for responsible gun owners.

John Roth provides an excellent balance between fundamental, "textbook" instruction and practical application.  His classes and instruction style demonstrate that even the experienced shooter can learn something new, while breaking things down when necessary so the less experienced and even novice shooters in the group don't feel overwhelmed.  His enjoyment and passion for shooting sports and helping students learn in a safe and structured environment is evident in his high-energy style, yet is not overwhelming.  Whether new to shooting or an experienced shooter, you will not be wasting your time with John at Midland Firearms.

Tom R. - 5 star
On the recommendation of my son, I had the totally worthwhile experience of the Illinois Concealed Carry Class with Mr. John Roth of Midland Firearms Training. As an adult, my son has not steered me wrong in any of his recommendations, and here is another one. Having been a college instructor for over twenty years, and very aware of different, effective and ineffective teaching styles, I can confidently say, John Roth is one outstanding instructor. Why ? He teaches the class, with non-stop energy and a deep passion for the subject matter. That deep "passion" about the subject being taught makes the difference between a "good" and an "outstanding" instructor. John is outstanding.  He not only taught us the do's and don'ts of firearms, the laws of concealed carry, proper handling, cleaning, use, storing of firearms, etc. but, perhaps more important, and what makes him different from the many CC instructors out there, is that, without even mentioning it, he also taught how to respect the firearm, and the responsiblities inherent in choosing to conceal carry. It was a lesson I did not expect to receive, or much less look for. On that premise alone, I would strongly recommend John Roth

Ismael. - 5 star
Took my Conceal Carry Class at Midland Firearms Training and I have nothing but great and postive things to say about John. His class was very detailed, John made sure he answered all of the questions we had and made sure we understood what he was teaching us. He is very knowledgeable and an awesome instructor I recommend Midland Firearms Training to anyone wanting to get there Conceal Carry. 10 stars to John and his team I couldn't be more happy with my decision.

Jen Ntim Martinez reviewed Midland Firearms Training — 5 star
This class blew away my expectations! John was very knowledgeable and was very patient with everyone in the class to make sure all our questions were answered and that we were comfortable and safe in class room and range. Even if you’ve taken classes before I highly suggest taking his classes they are top notch and worth every dollar

Sherry Boike‎ to Midland Firearms Training— 5 star
I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to go to a concealed and carry class. John Roth is a very informative instructor. He knows his business. He is sure to answer any question you may have. To say you learn a lot is an understatement. DON'T SETTLE FOR THE REST. GO TO THE BEST!!!

Anthony Mcgee reviewed Midland Firearms Training — 5 star
Just finished my training with John at Midland and I feel very satisfied with the time and effort that he put in to helping me get familiar with handling a firearm. I would suggest that everyone takes his pistol course. I will be joining him for more training in the future. Thanks John

John Roth is very knowledgable and passionate with his classes he makes them very interesting and informative I would definitely recommend anyone that's interested in carrying to take his classes I would definitely take any other classes by John in the future.

December 5th - Craig Walter

If you want a great teacher in Firearms Training, see John Roth. I spent a couple of long days with John and learned quite a lot. There is so much to know and he has a way about getting his point across. I will be sending my wife and son for the same training. And, will also sign up for advanced training in the near future.

October 25th - Mike Farrell

John and his team do a great job in training you on the laws for CC. I highly recommend Midland Firearms Training for anyone thinking about getting CC. They also offer other Firearm training classes too.

September 26th - Kevin Houlihan

The class was very informative. John does a great job instructing all levels of firearms knowledge. John exhibits a great passion for the subject matter which makes the course both interesting and thought provoking. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. Great job John!

September 26th - Mike Dixon

I would like to thank you very much for taking 2 long days of boring laws and rules. Plus many videos of actual stories along with learning about a wide selection of different weapons, ammo, holsters, etc; Your experience and knowledge kept the class very interesting and educational as it should be. You had answers for all the questions asked rather than I'll get back to you I always got in the past. You were able to deal with 12 different people with out leaving any one still having any questions or hesitations. Very professional, informed, plus offered a wide variety of weapons and accessories. You were able to deal with the experienced shooter as well as the beginners which never touched a weapon before. Your patience allow every one to get the perspective of the in's and out's of CCW training. From my point of view, the people that take your class come out more informed and have a much better understanding of carrying a weapon which will result in all our safety in a long run. Armed and unarmed both should go through your course just to under stand how each individual should deal with the problems not only the police but we face daily just to keep our loved ones safe. I plan on telling every one interested about your course and hope more can spend a weekend to learn how to be a more positive person. 
There is strength in knowledge and peace of mind in wisdom. 

July 20th - Randy Cybulski

Very knowledgeable. Glad I went out of my way to travel for johns course. Recommend without hesitation.

June 27th - Lashun James

I completed the Illinois Concealed Carry class on yesterday with John Roth and his team. I must say they all were very professional, knowledgeable, passionate , and very approachable. I feel good and confident in understanding the safety of the firearm as it was drilled into our minds which now its second nature. I highly recommend Midland ( John and his amazing team) for basic, intermediate, and advance classes. I'll be continuing my training with John. In addition, you cant find good genuine people who's willingly to help and assist you while in class and after class.

June 26th - Jetaun Frazier
Just did the two day Conceal & Carry classes and it was an amazing experience. John and his team are so knowledgeable. They take their time to make sure to answer any and every question that you have. You know that you are in safe hands when it comes to instruction on firearm safety. I say that it's definitely worth the attending.
February 21st - Valerie Cesario

Everything was awesome. John and his team did a fantastic job! I highly recommend his classes if you're looking to get your concealed carry permit!

February 19th - On The Bri-Level

Nothing but great things to say about John and his whole team at Midland. I went into this class with very little shooting experience and now I feel much more comfortable as a gun owner and way more confident as a shooter. Had issues with sighting grip and both have improved tremendously in just one night of work. I couldn't recommend them enough. 10 Stars!!!!!

February 13th - Tom Kollias

Just finished taking the 2 day Conceal & Carry classes and I cannot say enough good things about the classes, instructors and company. John and his teams passion for educating gun owners on conceal & carry, safety, the law and personal responsibility made it a very informative and exciting class to be in. The amount of information covered in class is more than I can go into in a single review, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. I recommend that if you or anyone you know is interested in taking such a class this is the place to be. My personal review is 5 star, 2 thumbs up.

February 2nd - Ron Phillips 

I took my concealed carry course through Midland. I was an excellent course. John was great and did a fantastic job with the novices that were in the class. I highly recommend them for your firearms instruction needs.

January 18th - Katie Stempniak

Very impressive class! My husband and I both completed the 16 hour NRA Basic Pistol/CCL course. We both gained a responsible and cautious understanding of our rights. We feel comfortable firing a weapon and respect that exercising this right is our last resort for protecting our lives. John and Tom are thorough and very patient instructors and I would recommend this class to anyone, at any age. At the end of the course, one can expect to feel comfortable loading, unloading, cleaning, firing, holstering and concealing a firearm. I look forward to taking more classes and a lot of practicing.

January 17th - Bear Boudonck

I just took my first class yesterday, finishing with my second class today. I feel like John is very knowledgeable and thorough with what and how he teaches.

I find the class very informative and would recommend it to everyone. With that being said, the only downfall, that is somewhat out of John's control, is class clowns. Some people don't take class as serious as they should, especially when dealing with firearms. If John could take a little more control over that, his class would be 100% perfect. It all just boils down to who is in class with you I guess.

As far as John himself, very nice guy, can interact with everyone. I mean everyone.
There were elderly men and women in class, young girls with no firearm experience, guys that say they have a lot of firearms experience but do everything all wrong. I mean you name it, I'm sure he's worked with everyone, and has done a great job at doing it!

I had some firearm experience but half of the things I was taught were all wrong. I feel John's class helped tremendously. Keep in mind, this is only after my first class, I have another one today.

Needless to say, I'm greatly looking forward to it! Thanks John!

January 11th - Charlie Lyons

Took Basic Pistol Course.on Sat 1/9/16. Great class John does a excellent job. Makes sure all questions are answered and is available to answer any time. Taking the Concealed Part Sunday 1/17/2016

January 10th - T.J. DiGrazia

For anyone looking for an instructor that is approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about proper gun handling please check out John Roth at Midland Firearms Training. The conceal and carry class was awesome, it didn't matter if you were an experience shooter or a first time shooter John made it fun. Our class ended up going 1.5 hours long because we spent extra time reviewing several guns that John had brought in and taking them apart. It was an excellent experience! Don't be intimated, take advantage of your 2nd amendment right and protect yourself, your family, and your community.

January 3rd - John Maxedon

For one... I rarely rate and offer thoughts on services. I also seem to find that most reviews you see out there are those that had bad experiences. This is a much different situation.

John is a very patient and thorough instructor. I would highly recommend his courses to anyone. Definitely quite a few choices out there for trainers right now. Many of those I've heard check all the boxes for state requirements but would not be able to take someone from no experience at all to having complete comfort and understanding. John does just that. I'd be willing to elaborate or answer any questions anyone might have before deciding to use Midland. In my opinion though ... It's the best " bang" for your buck.

December 12th 2015 - Mike Viola

I just took the NRA pistol basics and conceal carry course with John and the Midland team. John is a fantastic instructor and person. He was extremely patient, helpful, and enthusiastic. It was an extremely useful and enjoyable weekend. Thanks John!

October 28, 2015 - Sheri Vile

My husband took the concealed carry 2 day class and asked me to post his review, here it is.

"What can I possibly say about Midland firearms other than John and his team were incredible. I have never held a pistol before but I was not nervous. I was pretty confident in my ability to strike the target consistently but others in my class weren't. John and his team took the time and energy to work through every conceivable question the class had. Witnessing how they taught even the most nervous of students with patience and professionalism made me appreciate their skill and knowledge that much more.

Where my personal knowledge and abilities were lacking was in shooting fundamentals (and philosophies such as what to own, when to shoot and more importantly when not to), maintaining and actually owning firearms. I had no idea how radically the laws have changed where comes to firearms. For example I didn't know they had removed the 10 round maximum magazine size law in Cook County Illinois.

They painstakingly answered all my questions as well even going so far as answering dozens of emails questions that I had. John kind enough to offer his personal time and hold an additional class to show me and anyone interest how to clean the gun. 
John has gone way above and beyond as an instructor and the information he gave us was solid. Thanks to him I was able to purchase my first hand gun knowing with confidence that I wasn't overpaying and that I was getting the right one for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Midland firearms to everybody and anybody."

August 2nd, 2015 - Josef Sefshine Anderson

Excellent class for introduction to firearms! Well worth the time and money!!!!!

August 1st, 2015 - Doug Klimah

Excellent! John was very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended.

June 28th, 2015 - Dave Hyland

I took both the NRA and Illinois Conceal Carry courses this weekend. John is an excellent instructor. He kept the classes moving and interesting with his personal anecdotes. He is very knowledgeable in firearms and firearm safety. Anyone considering applying for their conceal carry license should not consider any other instructor than John and Midland Firearms training.

May 17th, 2015 - Mike Dryfhout

Very knowledgeable instructors, happy to help with any concerns or questions. You can even take refresher classes free of charge.

May 9th, 2015 - Wynslow Thresh

Excellent instructor (John) and great course material, very well presented. Looking forward to the intermediate course in June.

May 3rd, 2015 - Dawn Steinman

John is an excellent instructor. Small classes. Spends whatever time is necessary for proper training. Highly recommend.

May 26th, 2015 - Jim Hetfleisch

Just completed basic pistol and conceal carry with John and Midland. I've been shooting since 1997, wish I would have taken John's course years ago. Opened my eyes and taught me things I thought I already knew....I recommend Midland to anyone looking for the correct training everyone should have! Great great stuff all around. Thank you John!